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Mihai Marica

PHP Developer

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As a developer, I am

  • mostly specialized in PHP on the backend, but eager to learn frontend stuff too
  • fast learner, perseverant, consequent, responsible
  • punctual

As a human, I am

  • a social person. (Joke alert!) I like all people: some I like to keep close, some I like to see from time to time and others I like to avoid
  • known as a coffee lover, but not ashamed to be seen drinking the occasional beer after hours
  • someone who likes to look at the bright side in every situation (spoiler alert: there must be a bright side to be seen, first!)

I'm in the market for

  • medium-sized company (preferably)
  • friendly atmosphere aka human workplace
  • interesting projects built with non-ancient technologies (maybe Laravel 5, Symfony 3?)
  • people with strong technical skills from which I can learn new things every day
  • room for career advancement
  • working as part of a team
  • organized work flows

But beware, I expect

  • rigorous technical testing during the interview, to at least try to find out if we match. Let's not waste both of our times, please :)
  • technical interviews to be conducted on an actual computer. Writing code on paper is just weird
  • decent equipment to do my work on (the newer, the better)
  • all the necessary trainings to be able to do my job in the company
  • fair compensation for my level
  • periodical reviews followed by results, not promises (hint: wage increases relative to evolution)
  • flexible program
  • no (unpaid) overtime

Would be nice to have

  • no overtime at all (I work better when I can disconnect)
  • working remote (2 days/week would be perfect!)
  • team buildings

Work Experience

Team Leader

StreamWIDE, Bucharest
January 2014 - Present (3 years 1 month)

Involved in the development of a suite of products in the telecom area:

  • used by many customers around the world
  • some of the customers have millions of subscribers and tens of millions of messages
  • multiple platform architectures based on sizing
  • the products must be carefully optimized because of the large amounts of data involved


  • write functional and technical specifications under the supervision of a project manager
  • train the team regarding the product functionality, style and coding rules
  • distribute tasks to a team of programmers and monitor activities and overall progress
  • review code, documentations and tests developed by the developers
  • ensure completion and quality of the assigned tasks
  • administrative local management related to team members
  • periodical team activity reporting
  • approximately 40-60 ratio between programming/testing and review/management tasks

PHP Developer

StreamWIDE, Bucharest
March 2012 - December 2013 (1 year 10 months)


  • fix existing bugs
  • develop new features/change requests according to specifications
  • create test cases
  • update documentation

PHP Developer

Aplast, Ceptura
January 2007 - February 2012 (5 years 2 months)

I was the only developer involved in creating the company's online ordering platform:

  • 400.000 orders (accumulated in 5 years)
  • 2.000+ active users
  • 100+ administrative users


  • fix existing bugs
  • gather specifications about new features
  • decide about implementation
  • estimate time for completion
  • implement and deliver updates

IT Technician

University of Petroleum and Gas, Ploiesti
January 2003 - August 2006 (3 years 8 months)


  • network, computer hardware and software maintenance
  • Information System (Oracle application) administration and maintenance

Professional Skills

Databases (mainly MySQL)
Zend Framework (no MVC)
Caching (Memcache, Redis)
HTML / CSS / Javascript
Versioning (SVN, Mercurial)
PHP-FPM + Nginx


Zend PHP 5.3 Engineer

December 2013

Master degree

University of Petroleum and Gas, Ploiesti

Advanced Automation and Programmable Structures


University graduate

University of Petroleum and Gas, Ploiesti

Computer Science